• Abbreviations
    We believe the healthcare industry has nearly created a new language just through the development of acronyms and abbreviations. Here is a list of definitions we have compiled and where available we have provided a web link to provide you with additional detail about the acronym / abbreviation.
  • Links
    Here is a list of links we have developed focusing on reimbursement and financial reporting in healthcare. We will continue to expand this list as we find others that may be helpful to our clients and web visitors. If you find we have overlooked an important link click here to send us a suggestion.
  • Sample Worksheets and Forms
    In this area you will find a number of sample worksheets and forms we have recommended or discussed in other areas of our web site or in articles we publish during the year. If you don’t find a worksheet we have discussed or if you are having difficulty with one we have provided please click here to contact our office and provide us with details about the difficulty or question you have.